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Recent Vostro USB weirdness

Vostro 15 5510

I'm an IT Professional, have been using Dell for my whole working life, but they really seem to have gone downhill recently.
I started a new job in December, got a Dell Vostro 5502. Everything seemed fine with it, but it had some weird issues with USB devices. This presented in its most base form by essentially freezing a USB device for a few seconds, then it would be ok again for a while. This seemed to occur when using any sort of USB hub or dock on any of the ports. I tried using:
A USB 2 hub on a monitor
A HP USB 2 dock with USB, audio and ethernet
A generic USB C dock with HDMI, USB, ethernet
A Dell WD15 USB C dock.

I have used all of these devices with no problems at all on multiple other laptops, this was the only one to have a problem.

I raised the issue with Dell, managed to get them to replace the board. The problem continued (plus the repair wasn't completed well, it stopped the mousepad working). Had to get them to send parts to replace it, I had to fix that myself as there was no communication between the people who arrange an engineer visit and the engineers themselves, so they arrived on a day I wasn't going to be there, despite me telling them I wouldn't be there.

I suggested that replacing the laptop would save time. They wanted to swap the board again. Managed to get the board replaced again, even though I knew that wouldn't fix the problem. All that resulted in was breaking something else on the laptop, meaning that it would now hardly ever turn on! 

Spoke to them again, managed to finally convince them it was better to replace the laptop. They sent it out without asking where to send it, I wasn't going to be in (I work on different sites) so I didn't receive it. Long story short, it took about a month for anyone to actually listen to me and understand that it wasn't going to arrive, despite what the tracking said.

When I finally receive the new laptop, it has the exact same problem! It's not even the same model, this is a Vostro 5510 as a replacement for my 5502.
All I've been told so far is that this laptop is only compatible with a Dell WD19 dock.

Are you really telling me that, even though all these other docks work with every other laptop in the world, this "wonderful" Dell laptop is only compatible with 1 dock?! It's honestly ridiculous!
I actually have a WD19 dock, so I tested the laptop using that for a few days. It was ok for a few hours but then it went to freezing the video on the dock, so just for some proof, it's not the fact that I'm using the wrong dock (how you could even believe that, I don't even know). The laptop is fundamentally flawed! Perhaps it's something to do with the chipset that's used, if it's shared between the 2 different laptops, I don't know, but there's really something wrong. Why can I not have a laptop that actually supports USB devices?!
I'm using the laptop with a dock right now and it freezes the keyboard periodically, so I have to go back and write the sentence again. The network also drops out randomly.

Please can someone find me a laptop that actually copes with multiple USB devices?! This has been going on since December!

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