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Vostro 3568 reboots after 30 seconds with LCD issue

About a month ago I had the problem that the LCD wouldn't come on and I got the 2 orange 7 white blink code. I left it off, and later that day it came on, no problems, until the same thing last week, which this time isn't going away.

When I connect an external monitor, I can boot, go into diagnostics or BIOS setup -- but, after exactly 30 seconds, it powers off. I am able to run the diagnostics which tells me to update the BIOS and disconnect and reconnect the LCD connector. Can't update the BIOS because the computer powers off even when going to the BIOS flash utility after 30 seconds. I opened it up today and disconnected and reconnected the LCD cable at the motherboard, though now I have realized the same cable has connections at the LCD.

Anyway, it seems strange there, because if I press 'D' while booting, I get the LCD screen test flashing the different colors. Sometimes, especially after this, the laptop LCD works, but then it still shuts down after 30 seconds.

Anyone else had this problem of it shutting down? Literally 30 seconds-- I've timed it with a stop watch.

(I am also contacting tech support in Czech Republic where I got it, but the lady gave me her email and I sent her on Thursday with no reply yet)

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Re: Vostro 3568 reboots after 30 seconds with LCD issue

And one other strange thing-- booted now again with external display, got in to BIOS and went to logs, and found in Power Events for today "Undefined event code 0x0000002F" So I wonder if its somehow a motherboard problem?
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