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Vostro 3750 BIOS reset/password


here at our Company we still have on of those Laptops - but most administrative documentation is lost (i.e. Passwords, Setup choices, ...)

We now wanted to remove the HDD-Password as it does not seem to work at all, just to find there to be a BIOS Password or even a BIOS lock, asking for a key and giving some alphanumeric password hint.

The system itself works as-is, can be booted and used as usual, but we still would like to access the BIOS and change list of allowed boot devices. So where to find that key or how to completely reset?




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Betreff: Vostro 3750 BIOS reset/password

Hi Ray,

wenn du mir die Rechnung, Service TAG und den Passwort Hinweis als PN schickst kann ich eine Entsperrung beantragen.

LG Martin

PN´s bitte nur auf Anfrage

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