Vostro 7590 Wifi and service problems

I bought a Vostro 7590 in Fall 2019 and immediately had WiFi problems. We scheduled a technician to call and come to fix it but after the 2-3 hour time window was up, Dell called 30 minutes later to say they wouldn't be able to call/com that day. Which was obvious since they already missed the window. Finally we got the technician to come and he replaced the WiFi card, but in the process bent the trackpad, broke screw standoffs leaving loose hanging screws on the bottom that couldn't be tightened, and damaged the circuitboard that contained the audio jack so that it no longer worked.

I dealt with it for a few months, but because of remote working I needed the audio so I contacted support and sent it in for depot repair. I believe they said 7-10 days to repair but they delayed it because of out of stock parts for 2 months. Then they offered a refurbished laptop with "absolutely no damage like scratches dents or hardware problems" so I took that offer. I received the laptop with a deep scratch through the metal on the front and a large dent on the bottom of the laptop.

Additionally, I found that the WiFi was not working and event viewer kept saying the adapter has had a fatal error, its not functioning properly, etc.

Also, every time I download anything it automatically deletes it and clears it from recycle bin. I was able to install chrome before it deleted the installer, but when I tried webex, it started to install, then didn't complete because the installer and files were automatically deleted from downloads and recycle bin. I made sure to check Chrome and Edge's default folder and it was correct and chrome said the installer had been deleted. I've never seen something like this before and assume its some sort of glitch or hard drive problem.

I have had this laptop for less than a year with significant problems and of the ~8 months I've owned it, it has been in the depot and unusable waiting for repairs for like 3-4 months and my warranty is running out.

I scheduled a call to talk to support a few days ago after complaining and they just missed the 3 hour window i gave them to call today and I haven't received any message.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get support to actually listen and follow through? How I can fix these problems?

I've been a dell customer for years and this poor support and QC, combined with the 2 XPS 13 laptops I had to return last year because of severe hardware problems within the first 2 weeks of owning them has really hurt this relationship.

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Re: Vostro 7590 Wifi and service problems

They're probably overwhelmed with all the work from home.

But post in the Customer Care forum.



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