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computer flickering, screen going black

I just bought a Dell Vostro14 3000 in November.  I am a teacher and this past week, our school went remote and I had to use the zoom and google slides. The computer started out fine but then the fan started running very hard as if it was over heating, the screen started to flicker and then went black.  I was on with other teachers, they said they could still see me so the camera was still on but my screen was black and I was unable to teach.  This happened every day over the past week.  I tried shutting down but it wouldn't let me.  Eventually the screen comes back after clicking the power button several times, however, one time, I had to shut the computer down, leaving my students online alone.  Is this computer unable to handle the work or is there a problem with something internal.  Please let me know asap, I don't know if we will be back in the classroom or if I will need to use this next week.

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These systems start out as entry-level -- i3 CPUs, 4G RAM and spinning hard drives.  If that's what you've purchased, it's a good part of the problem - - a weak CPU, insufficient RAM and a slow storage drive make for a low entry price but little else.

You can boost the system appreciably by adding another 4G RAM and replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive.  The result should be able to handle what you need it to do.


I have 8 RAM and i5CPU, shouldn't that be enough?

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With a solid state drive, yes.  With a hard drive, you're going to be bound by slow virtual memory.


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