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continuous beeping on startup dell vostro 2421


I have a Dell Vostro 2421 laptop running Windows 7 OS x64bit, 4096MB RAM, 500GB hard disk and i5-core processor.

Since today evening my laptop has been throwing beeps on startup after I press the power button both on charging as well as non-charging mode.

The beeps do not have a pattern whatsoever and are there after every reboot or restart. The beeps come every 0.5 seconds or less and on every restart, the initial beep is always 2 beeps and the later ones have no identifiable pattern. After I press any key the windows logo appears and the login screen appears normally.

The beeps only disappear after I press any key or after pressing power button.

I have tried removing and reinserting battery, pressing the power button for 30 seconds but it did not solve my problem.

By pressing F12, I also ran a thorough diagnostic test which showed "All tests passed." message. However, there was not a green check mark in front of Hard drive 0 on the left-hand side panel.

I have QuickHeak antivirus which has expired since last 2 years and always shows activate now dialog box after each successful boot of windows. I have PC performer tool too which opens after boot automatically. But these were there for 2 years and the beep problem has only started from today.

Please provide me with your expert opinion if anyone has faced the same problem and solved it or if anyone knows about it.



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Re: continuous beeping on startup dell vostro 2421

The beep pattern is a bit confusing. 2 Beeps mean no RAM detected. 1 beep is a BIOS chip error. I would guess that since you can boot into Windows without a problem that it is not a RAM problem. Otherwise you could not boot. My first hunch would be to replace the CMOS battery (coin cell). Pull the old battery and leave it out for 15 minutes (Intel recommends 30) before you insert the new battery. If that does not help then pull the RAM and reseat it. If the hard drive is giving you a problem you might see slow operation, programs freezing, etc.

Try running diagnostics again but this time only select the hard drive and watch for any errors.


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Re: continuous beeping on startup dell vostro 2421

Thanks for your reply.

Will do as you say and see if it works after I get back home.

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