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driver installation failed could not find media device for this driver windows 7 (32 bit) audio driver


I have dell vostro 1015. After HDD change I installed windows 7 32bit on the system and came across with audio problem. While playing any video/audio, internal speakers stop working after 30-60s. Youtube video continues to run but without any audio. Once I try to connect headphones this works just fine. Tried with MS original drivers and tried installing Conexant Audio CX20583-10Z, v., A00, but I get error message once I try to install them |driver installation failed could not find media device for this driver|.

I have found similar topic from 2013, but with no solution... I am almost 100% sure this is the same problem.


I am almost sure this is not hardware problem as I have another dell vostro 1015 laptop and tried installing windows 10 on it with same audio problem...


Any help would be very appreciated.




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Did you install the chipset driver after you installed Windows 7?

That's what Dell tells you to do.


Installed dell software utility and restarted

Installed chipset then restarted

Tried installing audio drivers and it crashes

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sadly the v. Conexant driver is the only audio driver available for Vostro 1014/1015 laptops running W7 and Conexant did not provide any newer drivers for Dell

so the problem remains unfixed

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