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Virtual Networking

I have a question regarding the virtual networking on the newer VxBlocks. The older gen Vblocks has us deploying multiple vnics for our ESXi hosts (from the logical build guides). Now the standard seems to be creating only 2 vnic's and traffic shape the various traffic flowing.


mgmt and vMotion

This design incorporates active, standby, and unused uplinks to create certain traffic patterns for certain port groups in the vDS that provide better efficiency through containment to a certain fabric, or required by functionality.  For Management and vMotion traffic, these are set as active to A in the case of Management, and active for B for vMotion with each case setting standby for the other fabric. Fabric failover will also be set for these 2 port groups.

VM Traffic and NFS

NFS and VM traffic will be active on both fabrics.  Both uplinks are active within these port groups, and load balancing is left at the VMware default of “Route based on originating virtual port.”

Is this now the case with the newer VxBlocks????

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