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Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch


Ask The Expert: ScaleIO’s Node New Release

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Welcome to the Dell EMC Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. Today Dell EMC announced ScaleIO Ready Node that combines next generation Dell PowerEdge hardware with the new and improved ScaleIO. The ScaleIO Ready Node configurations, deliver the benefits of a fully qualified, tested, and supported server SAN solution.  Our seasoned experts will be answering all your questions about ScaleIO Ready Node. If you missed the live announcement, view it here and ask your questions.

This discussion takes place from Sept. 15th - Oct. 14th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.



Meet Your Experts:


Navin Sharma

Product Manager - Dell EMC ScaleIO

Navin currently leads the ScaleIO product management team at ScaleIO. He has over 10 years of experience in the technology sector including product mgmt., software engineering, HW engineering, performance engineering as well as investment banking and consulting. Additionally, Navin has several patents and papers on storage systems and clustering. Twitter: @navin101.


Jason Sturgeon

Product Manager - Dell EMC ScaleIO

Jason is a Product Manager on the ScaleIO product and true technologist at heart. He works on all aspects of ScaleIO and is always interested in people thoughts on storage, networking, technology and the ways that all these intersect. In previous roles, Jason have been a Technical Trainer, Corporate System Engineer, IT manager and once upon a time, a Support Tech. Twitter: @osaddict


Jason Brown

Principle Product Marketing- Dell EMC ScaleIO

Jason is currently a Product Marketing Manager for EMC ScaleIO. In previous roles he was a Product Manager for EMC Centera, EMC Atmos, and EMC ViPR/ECS.  Jason is a member of EMC Elect 2016 and can be found on Twitter @FelixNU98.


Product Manager - Dell EMC ScaleIO

Lisa's passion and goal is to work with new technologies that excite and enable people to go beyond what they thought was possible. She likes to understand the goals and challenges that people face to find the best solution. With many years focusing on high performance application and enterprise storage, Lisa was drawn to ScaleIO and what we can do together to unleash possibilities.


Technical Marketing Engineer - Dell EMC ScaleIO

Dan joined ScaleIO a few months ago, excited about the opportunity to be closer to where the innovation around flash technologies is going to be most impactful: Servers. He's spent the last few years developing All Flash arrays, assisting partners and SEs with Flash POCs, and providing a voice of the customer on product planning and development teams.


Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Dell EMC ScaleIO

Christina is a Product Marketing professional focused on software-defined storage, infrastructure management, virtualization, provisioning, and process automation. Her products of focus are the ScaleIO product family. She has also worked with the Service Assurance Suite.


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Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch

Greetings! This discussion is officially open. Your questions, feedback and comments are welcome.

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Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you!

This is an exciting time and an exciting product!  Be sure to check out all of the information we have made available!

ScaleIO Ready Node Launch Page


Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch


Good to here about DellEMC ScaleIO ready node.Great Job!!

I am working in Dell R&D Center now its is Dell Technologies. I belong to Database Solutions Engineering team and mainly work on Performance studies and reference architectures for Oracle and SQL database workloads.

1. Is there any reason including Sandisk DAS Cache as a caching solution here? Based on my SIO exploration,SSDs can be used as independent cache devises directly on SIO nodes.

2. Are we leveraging local RAM as a Cache? Because Dell PowerEdge servers used in in this SIO ready node can have upto 1.5TB of RAM.  

2. I am exploring ScaleIO for the Oracle database workloads. Is Dell EMC SIO ready node best fit for Oracle? It will be great if you share any previous studies done on workloads.


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Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch

Greeting Reddy, thanks for your question. We're currently looking to provide you with the information you're requesting. Please stay tuned.

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Re: Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch

HI RamaDell,

We are all very excited about the new Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node, comprised of modern Dell PowerEdge Servers pre-qualified and pre-configured to run ScaleIO Software.

As you pointed out, one of the new key features of ScaleIO Ready Nodes is enhanced caching using SanDisk DasCache.

This new caching offering provides much more than RAM read cache in ScaleIO Ready Node. The Enhanced Caching is available thanks to a lot of engineering efforts and testing to bundle and integrate SanDisk DasCache with the ScaleIO Ready Node, enabling both read and write caching. The Hybrid configurations of ScaleIO Ready Node are designed using a mix of SSDs and HDDs, so that the SSD’s can be configured as a caching layer that the SanDisk DasCache software then leverages to create a read-write cache for the most frequently accessed or hot data. This means all of the writes from the application are committed at the cashing layer, making the most actively used data accessible in faster responding media, and maximizing the capacity of the HDD’s while using only a few SSD’s in cache for performance.

The Hybrid configurations of ScaleIO Ready Node, configured with a mix of HDDs and SSDs along with SanDisk DasCache, are a perfect fit for Oracle workloads.

There are several reports available that highlight ScaleIO performance including some specifically with Oracle. Now that the ScaleIO Ready Nodes are available, keep an eye out for even more information in the near future.

A few references that may be of interest.

            Note: With the new Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node just being announced, this report is not specific to ScaleIO Ready Node. When new tests are completed there should be even more exciting results .

Glad to hear you are starting to work with ScaleIO. We should connect directly to get more studies from your team ready to share.

Thanks for the question.

-Lisa Walker

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Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch

I'm curious if there are plans to have support for nodes with vGPU support ?

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Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch

Hi Rob,

We have not seen many requests yet for vGPU, but we are always exploring additional use cases for ScaleIO and ScaleIO Ready Node based upon customer need and demand. We would be happy to set up a call to learn more about what you are doing.

Christina Perfetto

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Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch


I have some questions regarding ScaleIO Ready Nodes and ScaleIO in general:

- we actually own a ScaleIO software license (we bought it today). We are building an all-flash ScaleIO storage using some Dell and Cisco UCS servers. In the future, could we buy ScaleIO Ready Nodes to expand capacity mixing them with our "self built" ScaleIO nodes?

- we are planning to build, for another project, a quite large ScaleIO infrastructure, for this project we are planning to use HDD and SSD as RFCache to speedup reads. In ScaleIO Ready Nodes there is some write caching mechanism? ScaleIO manual, for "self built" nodes, suggests to use CacheCade technology at controller level to achieve this result, do ScaleIO Ready Nodes use CacheCade with PERC controllers to cache writes?

- do you plan to introduce in ScaleIO a write caching layer that can use mirrored devices as NVMEs or Enterprise SSDs (with capacitor) for example?

- do you plan to introduce automatic tiering (not caching) in ScaleIO Software and in ScaleIO Ready Nodes in order to move hot blocks on faster devices (automatically)?

- I read that ScaleIO is VAAI compliant except for XCOPY function. Do you plan to support XCOPY for VMware and ODX for HyperV environments?

- Finally, do you plan to release a SMI-S provider to integrate for example ScaleIO directly with System Center Virtual Machine Manager? Right now ScaleIO can be managed with System Center using VIPR and a EMC custom System Center plugin but it would be great to use native SMI-S to have a better integration.

Thanks in Advance,


P.S. Thanks to ScaleIO developers for the great innovation work behind this product. We liked so much some architectural choices that makes ScaleIO the best product in Scale-Out storage market.

UPDATE: I missed a previous post about SanDisk DasCache option available for ScaleIO Ready Node that is useful to cache writes on flash devices so I updated my questions.

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Re: Ask the Expert: ScaleIO Ready Node Launch

Greetings folks, only two more days to post additional questions on this thread. Don't miss the chance to follow up, share your insights or engage our panelists with your commentary.

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