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Manual Install of version 2.0 and scli command

I am attempting to install version 2.0 and need to use the manual install because deployment via gateway server requires the administrator password. I cannot set the login to use and if I could I have a domain admin account which could install the software.  But that is another topic for later.....

I have installed MDM, SDC, SDS and LIA on my servers.  I am on step 2 (Creating the MDM Cluster) in the manual install section.  It notes to use the scli command to create the cluster but there is not an scli command in the folders. I have even done a find and nothing. There is a cli command but the options do not work.

Any idea?


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Re: Manual Install of version 2.0 and scli command

1. Can you copy-paste the exact installation commands you used to install the MDM+SDS+LIA+SDC?

2. Are all the needed ports (for MDM/SDS/LIA) open in your firewall? see complete pre-requisite table in page 16 of Deployment guide.

3. Do you have OpenSSL 1.0.1 or higher installed on your servers (part of the pre-requisites) ?

4. Did you used the MDM_ROLE_IS_MANAGER=1 / 0 , as explained in the Manual deployment section?

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Re: Manual Install of version 2.0 and scli command

1. In the v2 Deployment Guide starting on page 140, 3 node cluster Windows.

   - On MDM1 and MDM2   msiexec /i EMC-ScaleIO_mdm_2.0.msi MDM_ROLE_IS_MANAGER=1

   - On TB1 msiexec /i xxxx_mdm_2.0.msi MDM_ROLE_IS_MANAGER=0

2. Installed SDS running the SDS msi file on MDM1,MDM2,TB1

3. SDC - The doc is incorrect under Windows. For SDC manual install it shows <sdc_path.msi> but on the example it list the mdm msi file.  I used the following:

    - MDM1, MDM2, TB1 - msiexec /i EMC-scaleIO-sdc-2.0.msi MDM_IP=MDM1-IP,MDM2-IP

No firewalls are in front of these servers.

OpenSSL - Only required for secure authentication mode.  I did go ahead and install.

I still do not see a scli command.

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