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SNMP Function testing on production environment

Hello guys,

I'd like to test to confirm SNMP trap function correctly work with our monitoring system after enabling SNMP function on production environment.

Is there any way to send SNMP trap as testing without any affect on working production environment?

I'm using scaleio v2.0.0.2.

Thank you.


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Re: SNMP Function testing on production environment


There is no way to send test traps that I have found.  Currently I am trialing this query on my snmp traps.

SCALEIO-MIB:scaleioAlertSeverity is greater than 3.

I use the Solarwinds product but any trap software should be able to replicate that.

I have determined what generates a few of the severity levels.   A Severity Level 2 is generated when putting a node in maintenance mode which shows as Low in the scaleio interface, a level 3 annoyingly is Trial license in use, a level 3 is for Storage Pool failure recovery capacity is below threshold and all show as Medium in the Scaleio interface.

With that testing and without rebooting or shutting down a node, which prior to 2.0 was a normal maintenance practice, I feel that above 3 is high and critical.  Let me know if you have a failure that triggers those severity's. I would say my strategy is good except i had a node go down with a coredump this week and had no trap alerts. hmm

Let me know how it goes.

EDIT: I found this link as well in the forum.  It is a very convoluted way of testing that a simple send test snmp trap would fix.

How to test if ScaleIO SNMP is working correctly?


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