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I need help purchasing the VxRail Systems Administrator package

I'm trying to purchase the following course package: https://education.dellemc.com/content/emc/en-us/home/store/valuepak.html?code=MR-1MM-VXRLSYADOD

However, the only option is to purchase it through Training Credits (why I can't just buy it with a credit card is beyond me, and support has been less-than-helpful).  I go to purchase these Training Credits, and they show an "expected delivery date" of 17-22 November... for virtual currency.  I opened a ticket requesting to speak with my Dell EMC Sales Representative, and they said "Yeah, some courses are like that.  Attached is a guide to purchase the credits" and never attached anything.  I replied to the email, saying they didn't attach anything, and also asked if the delivery date is accurate or if the VIRTUAL CURRENCY will be immediately available so that I can purchase and start this course... and 10 minutes later I get an email stating "We believe this issue is resolved".  I replied stating "No it's not, please answer my question and attach the guide you said you'd attach", and it's been radio silent.  education.dellemc.com doesn't have a phone number for support, so I'm just sitting here disgruntled and irritated.

Someone please respond with something helpful so I'm not waiting on Dell.  Can anyone confirm the Education Services Training Credits are instantly redeemable?

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Our registration team will help you. Please submit your request here.

Thank you,

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Hi @wtfdell01 

The Education Services team will reach out to help you to resolve the issue. Can we share your email ID to the respective team to get a faster solution. 

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I replied to your private message.  Please assist ASAP.


I've done this.  They are not being helpful and putting in minimal effort (they are not answering my pointed questions).  They send out a response around 6AM my time, and although I reply within a couple of hours, I don't get another response until the next day.  The fact that this is the Dell Accepted Solution when I already stated in my post that I initiated a ticket is concerning.

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