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Log bundle collection vxrail hardware

Dear Sirs


If they asked from me to collect log bundle for investigating hardware issue using vxrail manager plug in in vxrail environment, do I have to include idrac and Dell pt agent?




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Hi @Mr.HJ 

Thanks contact us about the VxRail troubleshoting steps.

Yes, you are right.

Maybe you know this link, but hope this information help your understanding.

Dell VxRail: How to Collect VxRail Manager Log Bundle 

  • For Hardware issue - iDRAC & PowerTool Agent log 
  • For Hypervisor, Software Defined Storage (vSAN) - ESXi & vCenter Server
  • For VxRail related components - VxRail Manager

In this video, "PowerTool Agent" is displayed as " Platform" but this is same with PT agent.

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Thanks for replying and for sure we have to select esx with idrac and Dell pt agent. 

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