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PowerSwitch Networking Training

Did you purchase Dell PowerSwitches to support your VxRail solution?

Do you need training on them?

A student recently asked me about the training we offer for the Dell PowerSwitches sold with VxRail and I realized that I didn't know the answer. After a little consultation with our Networking Education Community, I found these courses:

The current Associate-level course is: Dell EMC PowerSwitch Concepts and Features. Attend this for an introduction to general networking concepts and the PowerSwitch family features and software. A good fit for a VxRail administrator looking to enter the world of networking.

A more extensive Associate-level course will appear in a few months (look for "v2" in the name). It will be a longer, more in-depth course that will include topics on storage networking and IT virtualization. If you don't have an urgent need for training, you might wait to attend the new one.

Our Specialist-level course is: Dell EMC PowerSwitch Data Center Implementation and Administration, an in-depth look at managing the PowerSwitch and integrating it into the greater data center network. This intensive class is more appropriate for network engineers or senior IT specialists.

You can find detailed course descriptions and pricing for these classes at the Education Services Search. Both are part of our certification tracks.

Have you already taken one of these courses? Let us know how appropriate it was for the typical VxRail administrator!


For more information on PowerSwitch training, head over to our Networking Education Community.

Our Networking Community is the place for technical posts, support discussions, and other brainy PowerSwitch things.



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Great callout Doug, 

The updated Dell EMC PowerSwitch Concepts and Features course is now available

This new networking course covers many protocols that are relevant for VxRail administrators, such as VLAN deployment, Spanning-Tree configuration, LAG setup etc.

As Doug mentioned, you can find detailed course descriptions and pricing on the Education Services Search page https://education.dellemc.com/content/emc/en-us/home/store/search.html?c=Networking


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