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Greetings, I’m glad you found us on the Dell Technologies Education Services Community Site! I am an instructor specializing in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Converged Infrastructure (CI). I enjoy helping customers, partners, and internals, realize the potential of our products, services, and solutions.

I started in technology circa 7CD (hexadecimal of course). I’ve worked in a variety of roles including support, service readiness, and training. I am the Delivery Global Lead Instructor for HCI/CI. I have a Coordinate Universal Time (UTC) between -4 when tilted toward the sun, and -5 when tilted away. I enjoy leveraging technical solutions to their fullest extent, and of course long walks on the beach with needlessly dramatic sunsets.

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If you have a technical question pertaining to VxRail Education, please let me know.


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Hello! I am Victor Wu from Macau.I have 6 years experience in VxRail appliance.

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Hello! I am Victor Wu from Macau.I have 6 years experience in VxRail appliance.

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