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Bug? 0 IOPS reported in VxRail Manager

My customer noticed in the VxRail Manager it always shows 0 Storage IOPS.  Is this a known bug?  They are on VxRail 3.5 on a 280 AF that was Deployed in July.  They have had multiple VSAN issues and have had to apply all the latest VMWare VSAN patches to resolve multiple issues.  So we were wondering if this was related to the patches or if this has always been present.

If it is a known bug, is it fixed in 4.0?  If so is that still on target for November?  Plus is 4.0 targeted to be a non-disruptive upgrade or will it require PS onsite and a scheduled outage?




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Re: Bug? 0 IOPS reported in VxRail Manager

Hi jcason,

I've same trouble my some environments too.

Maybe this is bugs, because the issue is only some appliances case.

No problem on the only one appliance case.

Do you have some appliance, right?

And I've no information for fix and v4.0, sorry.

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Re: Bug? 0 IOPS reported in VxRail Manager

Hi everyone,

I've experimented the same issue in my environment.


After doing an entire re-image all blocks  IOP's information doesn't  appears any more. It worked at the beginning.

Re: Bug? 0 IOPS reported in VxRail Manager

The best way ti get this addressed is to open a service request.

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