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Post vxrail deployment. 1 year later

We are in the midst of utilizing our VxRails for production traffic and we are wanting to make changes. We started with a POC on two E series, and have expanded to two P series with more plans for expansion down the line. They are all on 4.7.515 and we have external vCenters on 6.7U3. 

I know the stance in prior years was to join them to a customer provided vCenter if we wanted to manage them all together. We were not sure about our path with VxRail, so we now have individual vCenter servers on each of our four clusters. 

I'm hoping anyone can answer this. Can we join all four to an existing vCenter now, or will we have to wipe them and redeploy from scratch. I can't imagine that would be the only possible route, since you can join existing vCenters into an enhanced link mode regardless of age. 


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Re: Post vxrail deployment. 1 year later

Hello lbroussard85,

What you will want to do is, first make sure all of the nodes are on the same VxRail build. Second for each of the nodes to join 1 vxrail cluster they will need to be RASR so that it can be added with no prior data other than default VxRail build with VMware.

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