VxRail - 10Gb + 1GbE

Hi Folks,

I'm using VxRail P470F Full-Flash using onboard network NIC (2x10Gb SFP+ + 2x1GbE).

I'm using the two 10Gb SFP+ onboard ports for the entire traffic (mgmt + data). I would need to know if I can use the 2x1GbE and configure a vSwitch on it for VM data traffic ?

According to the documentation, nothing states that the 2x1GbE should not be used, and technically, nothing prevent me to use these interfaces from vCenter (they are marked as "down" as nothing is connected right now).

Thanks in advance for your answers !

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Re: VxRail - 10Gb + 1GbE

Yes, you can use the additional 1GbE for VM traffic. 

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Re: VxRail - 10Gb + 1GbE

Not a problem using 1GbE ports. My VxRail 10Gb are configured for vMotion, vSAN, etc. traffic. 1GbE ports are VMs and north / south networking

Re: VxRail - 10Gb + 1GbE

Thanks a lot for your information, I will implement this way !



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