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VxRail P570F with NDC DP 25Gbps + PCI DP 1Gbps

Hi all,

My customer are using VxRail P570F Full-Flash using onboard network NIC 2x25Gb SFP28.
And now, he is considering add one PCIe to physically segregate DMZ traffic with "2x10GbE Broadcom 57416 Base-T 10G" to auto-negotiation with his DMZ switches 1Gb RJ45.

I would need to know if is possible and compatible to use this networking configuration?

According to the documentation, the figure 40 on P81 shows that is ok to use PCIe card to connect to another network, but isn't explicit if can I mix the NDC 25Gbps with PCIe 1/10.

Thanks in advance for your answers !


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Re: VxRail P570F with NDC DP 25Gbps + PCI DP 1Gbps

Hi Andre,

I do not think this will work because mixing copper and optical NICs is not validated, if it was an SFP+ NIC it may work depending on the software version, 7.0.010 or later added more validated configurations. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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