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VxRail upgrade from 4.7 to 7.0

Hello there,

How is the upgrade experience from VxRail 4.7 to 7.0. We have vCenter running externally, not within the Integrated appliance? Can you share your experiences?



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Never done it, but it's well documented, you upgrade your external VCenter to 7.0U1 and upgrade VxRail as usual with Vxrail plugin.

Some things changes, during upgrade a new Vxrail VM is created, so you will have to provide a temporary IP. And you will need to upgrade licences.

One more thing, there is limited versions of 4.7 where you can upgrade to 7.0, check release notes.




is there a cost for migrating vsphere 6.7 licences to v7 ?

and for vcenter, does the licence has to be update ?



Hello Gwenvalia,

Here is a link to a KB that may be of assistance.


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This week, I just upgraded our cluster from 4.7.511 to 7.0.101.  Once we corrected an issue (due to previous renaming the local data stores) with the pre-check, the VxRail upgraded with no issues.  Make sure you log into your VMWare account and upgrade your license first.  I understand you can go ahead and upload your 7 license to your 6.7; and the upgrade will deploy them automatically.  I waited until after the upgrade completed before I applied my license; although I already had my 7 license files from VMWare.  It will run on a 60 day trial, so you at least have some time to apply the license.

There is minor cleanup from the deployment of the new management servers and the convergence of the VCenter and PSC.  They are clearly marked "legacy" to make them easily identifiable.  I have not deleted them yet, but will do so next week.



there is a procedure depending of your VxRail Appliance Model and type of cluster you have.


Take a snapshot of all the service VMs (VCSA, VxRail Manager, SRS, vRealize...)

go to Solve Online for VxRail Appliance https://solveonline.emc.com/solve/home/51

and follow a software upgrade procedures, just to be sure the steps you need to do...


Solve Online for VxRail ApplianceSolve Online for VxRail Appliance



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