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Why are upgrade packages so large?


It must be a sign of the times with bloatware in abundance that this platform would also require a 3+Gig upgrade package for every release. With the heightened security protocols most of us struggle with these days, just getting and moving these large files around make for extra pain.

If I had to guess the vCenter upgrade package is a large part of this. Customers like us have external vCenters for our Rails and do not need this component. It would be great if Dell could find a way to reduce the size of them.  Perhaps creating multiple package types for different use cases like ours.

Guessing at the package contents by size



vxrail mgr

platform drivers



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Re: Why are upgrade packages so large?


You are correct. vCenter is a large part of the file.

Your suggestion is a good one. I will forward it to the developers as an enhancement request.


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