Why isn't port channeling allowed?

I was at VMworld this year and talked to engineers at the DellEMC booth and all them looked like deer in headlights about why Port channeling is not allowed on the uplinks assigned to ESXi mgt, VxRail mgt and vSAN. They promised to get back to me via somebody with a bigger brain internally.  This community thread explains it from another customers view point. Could we use Link Aggregation for the network cards and ports added in VxRail?

All of the VMware engineers and architects presenting sessions I attended on vSAN recommended port channeling with vSAN. And why not it is logical thing to do making your infra more resilient in addition to throughput which only becomes more of a necessity with all flash and nVME.

A real technical answer would be appreciated.


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Re: Why isn't port channeling allowed?

I heard that node expansion script cannot handle LAG correctly

I think that's why it is not supported.

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Re: Why isn't port channeling allowed?

Thanks. That seems like a weak reason to not allow customers to use a much better level of resiliency and throughput.. its not like LAG is some kind of new technology.

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