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mixed model vxrail/stretched vSAN

We have a new vxrail coming, and it will be:

  • P570 x 4 nodes: nvme + ssd for disk groups

This will be replacing an older vxrail:

  • S470 x 4 nodes: ssd + hdd for disk groups

We will move the current VM from old->new vxrail, and THEN

We would run dev/test/etc. virtual machines on the old vxrail nodes (dev->old nodes=primary)

We would run production virtual machines on the new vxrail nodes (prod->new nodes=primary)

We want to use this "old vxrail" cluster as a Local/failover cluster (DR in the same datacenter)


So, we are exploring options to do failover from new->old in the event of some major failure

I can use replication (we already have Veeam) to get the data replicated from the new->old clusters


Is it possible to create a vSAN stretched cluster with these 2 models/configs?






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