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SOLUTION TO>100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

The Solution is to throw your Dell in trash, because you'll never fix this problem


After spending at least 30 hours trying every solution on the web, and I mean every issue from setting policies, updating 20 drivers, and disabling every vital windows feature.   

Yet Dell support had the GALL to tell me "We know the problem but we don't support Windows, so pay us $200+ for a premium support contract and we'll fix it for you," He never said how (and I doubt he knew or he would have at least stated the source of the problem, if not the fix).

I was just outraged, and I will never buy another Del product, ever. I suggest that anyone reading this not do that either. Most sensible people buy computers expecting their computers to run the most popular operating system in the world without issues  this terrible (it takes at least 15 minutes after boot-up for my machine to be usable at all). We don't expect a problem ONLY they seem to have, to be blamed on Windows, and then try to charge us to fix it.  I even escalated this problem two levels, and some lovely people in India informed me where was nothing  they could do unless I paid for the premium warranty (over my dead body). But of course, they have sent me 5 (and counting) emails asking me for  my feedback about their support).

Again, there is no solution to this problem except buying a new computer, so don't waste your time trying

Stay tuned for some Dell sysop to tell me he'd be  happy to help me (but I assure you, he or she can't).

Save yourselves.  If you can still return it, do it.

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Re: SOLUTION TO>100% Disk usage in new laptop running Win

Agreed!!  I bought two laptops from Dell this year and both have this problem.  The first one the Dell team actually fixed after about (literally) 20 hours on the phone over six days.  They did not charge me.  The second laptop had the SAME problem and they offered no assistance unless I bought their extended warranty.  Such a rip off.  Almost $2K I spent with this company and BOTH devices were unusable as sold....  I wish I could scream it from the rooftops to warn others.  I don't remember all the things they did to try to get the first laptop running again, so I'm stuck with a brick.  I would return it, but it was shipped to my daughter at school and by the time she had given up on it and brought it home for break it was too late.

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Re: SOLUTION TO>100% Disk usage in new laptop running Win

Had the same symptoms and tried everything including a reformat which resulted in the installation of Windows that kept freezing. Switched hard drives and RAM modules. The only thing which finally worked was a BIOS update.
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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

It's kind of saddening to see so many people with the same problem for such a long time, but also comforting. 

I have the same problem. I love video games, but because I have always used Apple, which is not a gaming company, I have never been able to play the good ones. The best ones run like **bleep** on Apple, and mobile games<Profanity removed>universally. A gaming computer was the only solution.

So, after reading a review on the Dell G5 15 (written by some douchebag who probably spent less than an hour dicking around with the computer and didn't discover the problem), I decided that this was going to be my first gaming laptop.

Bad. Friggen. Choice.

I downloaded steam and two new games. I already had a few games from earlier, back when I played on mac. I was excited to finally be able to crank up the graphics settings on these games and get some real, buttery smooth gameplay. So, what happened?

Nothing! The computer took hours to download the first few games. The rest I have left uninstalled on Steam because this takes too long. 

Oh, but that isn't it. These games are uninstalled, so they take up absolutely no disk space, right? Right.

This afternoon, I decided to spend some money on Arma III. 

Again, at this point, most of my games are completely uninstalled. This computer, which I've owned for literally three days, has only two games on it. 

Uh, oh! There's not enough disk space for Arma III! Even though you have literally nothing but two games and both your garbage can and desktop are completely 100% empty and you've spent less than ten minutes on the internet and this is a gaming computer for Christ's sake, I suppose you'll have to just<Profanity removed>a big one! I mean, you only spent thirty dollars buying this game on discount. 

So, I think to myself: That's Odd. Challenge accepted. So what do I do? I uninstall one of my TWO games (leaving one), clean the C Drive, clean it again, compress the drive, and try again. So, with a freshly cleaned and compressed drive, no time on the internet (and therefore nothing was downloaded and no data gathered), no extra apps, nothing on my desktop, a completely and utterly empty trashcan, and only one game on this computer literally made to run large games, I have got to be able to install Arma now, right? Nah, not even close. This piece of trash can't even fit two god **bleep** games on it. 


For those of you thinking about getting a Dell, don't. For those of you with a dell, you might as well throw it in the garbage, because that's where it belongs. 

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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

I have Dell Inspiron 15 5000.

To solve this issue, I did 2 things:

1 - updated Windows to 10.0.17134 (took a while).

2 - disabled SmartByte Network Service and Rivet Dynamic Bandwidth Management Service.

So far, so good. Task Manager still reports high % for disk after restart, but after a couple of minutes it drops down to almost zero and stays there.

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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

For me, after a good month's search, the trick was to remove the Skype app; I had the desktop Skype application installed, but some Windows update (probably the October major rollout) installed the Skype app too. After removing the Skype app, disk usage went straight away down to normal and the PC is usable again.

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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

... removing Skype App finally was not the end of the line. The real cause lied in security misconfigurations of various DCOM services, introduced when the October 2018 update was installed. Mostly had to do with the RuntimeBroker DCOM service, but a couple of other services were affected too.

The documents in and give walkthroughs to solve the problem. Note that the respective processes may need to be repeated for DCOM services that are failing due to permissions.

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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

I also have same laptop ... facing this issue in new Dell Laptop . 

And these people are saying its not covered in default warranty . 

very Pathetic service from Dell . 

I will try options mentioned in this page ..

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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

I have a Dell G7 that I bought recently. I was noticing occasionally it would go into a spiral of 100% drive usage getting slower and slower until it just more or less had frozen and I had to reboot.

Discovered the offending program was pcdrwi.exe, which is actually part of the Dell SupportAssist. Uninstalled that and have been doing fine since.

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RE: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Home

10.0.17134 Build 17134

Device Manager info: Intel(R) 9 series chipset family SATA AHCI controller





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