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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

Hey Everyone,

I have had this same problem for nearly two years.  Like most of you, I also tried every remedy I could find—but nothing worked--including killing services, reinstalling the OS, updating Windows, etc.  It finally got to the point where my hard drive continued to spin at 100% and wouldn’t ever settle to a usable state.  Dell’s response to the problem is laughable—all the customer’s in this forum started experiencing this problem at the point of unboxing—so it’s not malware, unless it was installed by Dell.  Probably just as laughable were suggestions to uninstall certain applications.  Why the **bleep** would I spend a grand on a new laptop just to limit the applications that I can use?  That makes zero sense.   The bottom line: These laptops should work as configured—period. 

Anyway, I have found a solution to this issue that works 100% of the time.  Although, it may not be for everyone, simply reformat your hard drive and install Linux.  The hardware is solid and runs Linux like a champ,  it doesn’t contain any of that <Profanity removed> Dell bloatware, and you'll no longer have a $1000 brick.  If I ever run into any applications in which I need to run Windows—and there shouldn’t be many, I’ll simply install a clean version in a virtual machine—but I won’t have Windows be the base OS, and I refuse to buy some crappy dell service plan to “fix” the problem.

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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

mechanical hard drives have this.  When you move to SSD it goes away.

You can also install UBUNTU alongside windows 10 and dual boot.


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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

stopping the windows search did the trick for me
It's an (older) Dell Latitude E6320 with a standard HDD (non-SSD) on which I recently installed windows 10.

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Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

I too have experienced this issue with an 8930 desktop. It started when I first bought the system several months ago and I was able to resolve it by changing a setting in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application.

A few days ago the Dell Support Assistant indicated the Rapid Storage Technology needed updating so I allowed it to perform the update. After completion, I started to experience the C: drive reaching 100% utilization again and I recalled the steps to correct it.

1. Open Intel Rapid Storage Technology Application.
2. Click on the Performance button.
3. Click on the "Disable" link for "Link Power Management". (After you do that the "Enable" text will become a link.)
4. Restart the computer to activate the new settings.
5. After restarting, verify using Task Manager and Resource Monitor that the C drive no longer pins at 100%.

I hope this fix helps those experiencing the problem as I know it can be frustrating waiting for what should be a very responsive machine open the application you clicked several seconds ago.

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