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Alienware command center thermal profiles permament loading + oc controls install deinstall loop


In my alienware command center the thermal profile and the overclocking icon keep loading (spinning balls). This means i cant adjust my fan-profiles and by that the fan speed which is very annoying.                                              Every time i start the acc, it asks if i want to download additional components for acc. When i klick it i can deinstall the oc controls, when that is done and i start acc again, it wants to install it again. When thats done, it want to deinstall it again... i think u get it now.

I allready tried many things like deinstalling completely, either with revo uninstaller or by these steps: . After that i reinstalled the newest or an older version of the command center and the oc controls but it never worked, the balls kept spinning.

I got a m17 r2 with an i7-9750H just in case someone needs that info.

i have this problem for two months now, and itis getting very annoying. My laptop is now 17 months old and i cant use it properly because of some software issue by an update from dell. 

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!


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