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Brand new XPS13 crashes on Win10

Hello guys,

I'm an owner of a brand new XPS13 2015 model purchases 4-5 weeks ago , with Win8 pre-installed from Dell.

The first thing i've done upon purchase is to run a windows update and then to upgrade to Wiin10.
However, the performance isnt consistent as long as I was facing blue screen crashes indicating 

"Page fault in nonpaged area"

It may crashes..5-6 times in a matter of 20-30 minutes before it propely works again.

Checking on the task manager while laptop is idle , i notice some spontaneous peaks on memory & disk usage...without actually running a particular application.

I have also experienced screen freezing two times too... (needed to power off so to restart it)

Now I'm running Win8 and the laptop seems to perform perfectly. The problem is I dont like Win8...and i want to revert back to Win10.

The above fault (according to Microsoft) relates to hardware error-issues.
Any ideas what could be a fix?

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RE: Brand new XPS13 crashes on Win10

That error has nothing to do with the printer. It is a memory error. Research the error to see fixes.

Now that you are back in windows 8.1, start your upgrade here--


Follow the directions carefully.

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