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Can not set up Win10 on Dell XPS 12


I have a Dell XPS 12 (model XPS 129250). Previous owner made a factory reset.

Now I'm trying to setup Windows 10. But after selecting a language and setting some on-off options it shows me a "Just a moment..." screen for a couple of seconds, and then screen goes black and stays black forever. Sometimes it shows a mouse pointer, but nothing interesting happens.

How can I set up Windows in such situation?

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RE: Can not set up Win10 on Dell XPS 12

Hi anhel,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your system isn't running as expected.

How are you loading the OS software?  Disk, or USB?  Is the hard drive functioning normally?  Have you tried running a system diagnostics?  

So, it could be either the istall media or the hard drive causing this, so you might want to look at those.

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RE: Can not set up Win10 on Dell XPS 12

Though if its a regular mechanical harddrive in the computer there might be a problem with it.

So don't trust it with data until you run CrystalDisk, HDDScan and see how long it takes to read data off of sectors.