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Cannot change sleep timout in Windows 10

I have a Dell XPS 9360.

When the battery is low, i.e. below 25%, the laptop will go to sleep after about 2 minutes of inactivity.

My problem is, this behaviour cannot be changed. I have edited the "go to sleep after" in the Windows power settings but it does not respect this setting. I have deleted the Dell power profile, created a new power profile, reset it to default, yet still the laptop will not respect the setting I put in there.

This means the laptop is always going to sleep after a very short period, i.e. if I have a quick conversation with someone, and it then takes about 2-3 minutes to wake and reconnect to wifi. Infuriating. Is there a fix? If not, the laptop is getting close to finding itself on eBay. Missing my MacBook now.

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RE: Cannot change sleep timout in Windows 10

If you look at the actual power panel, there are some critical battery thresholds. Maybe one of those would help.

My system, 9365, does not really sleep but uses the Modern or Connected Standby process.  I am not certain even that works correctly, but your system may not have that.


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