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Command | Update 3.0 Not Working

We recently upgraded Command Update from to 3.0 on all systems (currently Windows 10 1703). After the upgrade I started getting reports from our support techs that Command Update was not working. They reported that when running Command Update 3.0 on a system it only returned "No updates available, This system is up-to-date". When investigating the issue, we could see that Dell's support pages offered updates that should be available via Command Update. Further investigation revealed that if the older version of Command Update is run on the same system where 3.0 did not offer updates, the older version would offer updates.

Research on this issue has not uncovered any known issues.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Does anyone know of any reason that might prevent it from working correctly?

Is there any additional troubleshooting I can perform?

Or is this a bug for which we need to use 2.x as a workaround until the next version is released?

I appreciate the community's help on this issue.


Command Update 2.pngCommand Update v2.xCommand Update 3.pngCommand Update v3.0

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