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Dell 15R 7357 March 2013 Windows 10


I'm a worker. Why ??

I tried many time to install the Windows 10 on my Dell Laptop for many reason.

The first reason is the wall at 75 % of the Update to Windows 10 by a Windows 8.1.
I have remove my Windows 8.1 and after install I take a new Windows 8.1.

Crash 75% or 80% on the black screen progressbar [Solved] use the medial Tools.

After to call the technical service. I tried the media Tools Creator. It's very good and fast for compare with the soft GWX.exe.

Today, Congratulation Windows 10 installed. I'm happy, but I look the Windows 10 drivers update. And, I look many error on Dell drivers (example: Synaptic, etc...).
I try to restart my computer. The update installed. I restarted and I try to connect at my user session. And, Crash on my desktop... Freeze Screen.

Crash input/mouse [Solved] use the usb install. (but it's not free and not valid your native licence 8/7)

I gone to call the technical service for more information ... And Nothing.

I looked the dell support page and It's okay for Windows 10.

I try to rinstall an OS Windows 10 by USB on a Legacy and UEFI mode. It's the same problem. But, for the methode I have two error on the native intel graphical card.

Crash Graphical Card : not solved

I need more information and help.

Thank you in advance.

And, I'm sorry for my English.