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Dell Apps not working on domain joined PCs (Windows 10)

Hi everyone,

I've been seeing the following issue popping up consistently on several domain joined Dell machines with Windows 10, even brand new ones. All Dell Apps that are managed through the Windows Store (Dell Command | Update, Dell Digital Delivery, etc.) can be opened on a local machine account without any problems, but when I try to open them with a domain joined, local Active Directory account (e.g. MYDOMAIN\Dennis), I get the following error message (it's in Dutch, the English version would be something like "Cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item."):


This error also pops up on every login with the domain joined accounts (especially with Dell Digital Delivery), so the only option I have is to delete the apps from the system, after which the messages no longer pop up.

I'm consistently seeing this on brand new Dell PC's (e.g. XPS 8930) where this happens out of the box after joining an Active Directory domain. I just keep deleting all Dell software on new machines for the sake of not getting those error messages.

Because this has been happening on multiple devices, and for quite a long time (at least more than a year) I strongly suspect this is a bug in Dell's software. Other Microsoft Store apps (like Weather/OneNote/Microsoft To-Do/etc.) work without any problems, so this is specific to Dell apps.

Hope someone here has some ideas what could be causing this!


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Re: Dell Apps not working on domain joined PCs (Windows 10)

There is support for "Dell Command | Update" aka CCTK  but its not free.


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