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Dell OEM Win 10 1909 causes application to lock up

After a lot of work in conjunction with an application provider as to why their application was locking up after 4 - 8 hours running on a Dell Optiplex 5070 Micro with Windows 10 x64 1909 Professional when this had never happened before the issue was eliminated by replacing the OS with generic Windows 10 x64 1909 Professional and the Dell driver pack.
Prior to replacement of the OS the OS had been restored to ' out of the box ' using an image made before the first time the system was booted to the pre-installed Windows 10.

Windows updates were not the issue as the PC was at all times totally offline.
All power saving features were disabled i.e. USB, LAN etc.

This is the procedure used.

Download Windows 10 1909 64-bit ISO from

Create a bootable USB flash following this procedure

Install Windows 10 to totally replace the installed OS by formatting the OS partition of the boot drive.
No key is required as the installation reads the embedded key. This also determines the edition installed i.e. home, professional etc.

Download the appropriate driver pack from

Install the driver pack by following the details here to create a system specific batch file.
Note the batch file must be started from the right-click option Run as Administrator

The root of the problem seemingly was some aspect of the Dell Windows 10 build or a feature added by Dell.

This has cost many hours of time for my employer and the application provider 😩

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