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Dell Precision Tower 5810 - Workstation

Firstly, I would like to apologize if I wrote something wrong, because the English language is not my strong point, but the Portuguese one.

It's been a few days since this happened, I was working normally on my computer and then I went to sleep, I hung up normally and went to bed. 
As soon as I woke up and decided to turn on my computer, I received the famous "blue screen" with the following error code: Fatal Process Died

When I try to repair the computer it tells me that it could not be repaired and that nothing has changed. When I try to go back to the previous version, it says it was not possible again and nothing was changed. When I also have to use any other option of the advanced options, ALL, EXACTLY ALL SAY THE SAME THING. 
I can not use repair by Image, I can not use a repair cd, I can not use a Windows 10 installation cd and format the computer, I can not format and delete all files or even keep. I do not get any use of the advanced options or anything, so please, I would like alternative and efficient solutions.

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RE: Dell Precision Tower 5810 - Workstation

Run the Dell Diagnostics to see what has failed. Include the extended custom hard drive test. If it is the hard drive, there is not much you can do but buy a new one. No use reinstalling anything on a failed or failing drive. To access the boot menu tap F12 as soon as you reboot or check your manual for instructions for your OS..

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