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Dell don´t respect brazilian consumer code

In Brazil a service or equipment  provider is responsible for the information given for the consumers. Dell backup and recover software has a button written factory recovery backup. But it does not backup factory image just factory image of windows software. This information cause consumer to misunderstand that he, the consumer, is backing up the whole factory image when this is not true. And Dell does not provide other means for costumer to get back factory image back. The links for getting software don´t work. Softwares that were bought are described by codes. This avoid us from verifying what was really bought. Their information are wrong, they sell a year license and in the account appears a 30 day trial. And worse of all, what basic version of dell backup and recovery saves can´t be restored after formating de device. It asks for a key to restore backup and they don´t give it back. So they send you a backup software for backing up factory image and this software don´t backup factory image just factory image of windows, and this backup can´t be restored without a key they don´t provide. Support has a incomplete profile don´t restore your factory image and all that left is left to consumer is a list of the codes of the software achieved. Dell is responsible for me not having a factory backup image, so says brazilian cosumers code. And i want my factory image. I am a PHD and the wong information cheated me. imagine what it does around the world. Please correct that software button.

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