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Dell restore failure

I tried to restore my Inspiron to a backup created 7 months ago with dell backup and recovery - on an external USB drive.  This backup was made after i upgraded to win10. The restore allowed me to save all my files, went through the steps, restored OS, then failed with an exception error when it was 25% through the restore of my data and settings.

My machine now boots up with a clean win8 - as it came from factory just under 1 year ago.  

If i boot off external USB drive, it wants to start the restore from scratch !  it seems that i have a good data backup on the USB drive - how do I restore this ?



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RE: Dell restore failure


Thank you for writing to us!

We will not be able to help you with restoring data onto the system.

It could be possible that the USB drive is faulty/corrupt . We would advise you to contact a local tech if needed.



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