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How do I have to install this Windows 10?

Hello everyone,

Our first office DeLL Data PC (Inspiron 24 Model 3455), lost suddenly its Hard Drive (message: Hard Drive is corrupt and unreadable). Fortunately, our Data is safe with Carbonite. I replaced the lost hard drive for a new one HD, and purchased "the original WIN PRO 10 64BIT ENGLISH 1PK DSP OEI DVD VERSION 1803".

My question is the following: Is this windows 10  software a complete installation CD, or do I have to do something else before proceeding to do it?. I will appreciate any advice regarding to my question please, thanks a lot

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Re: How do I have to install this Windows 10?

The DVD is all you need to install Windows 10. After the install, go to support and type in your tag number. You will then be able to download and install the appropriate drivers.

Also from your previous post.

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