How to Disable a Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 Function Key

I recently (June 2017) bought a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 computer with Windows 10 installed.

My problem is that I need to do this operation, that I mention and I can not do it since the Bios contains the Function Key Behavior

1. Restart your Dell laptop.

2. Watch the boot screen. Look for the notation at the bottom instructing you to "Press the XX key to enter system BIOS." In most Dell laptops, this will be noted as the "F2" key, but this may differ on your system. When the message appears, hold down the appropriate key to enter the BIOS screen.

3. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab by pressing the right arrow key.

4. Scroll down to "Function Key Behavior" on the "Advanced" tab by pressing the down button. Press "Enter."

5. Press the up/down arrow keys to move the selection to "Multimedia Key First."

6. Press "F10" to save your settings and exit.

7. Allow the system to reboot for the changes to take effect.

Question: How can I make these changes

Thanks in advance.



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Mary G

RE: How to Disable a Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 Function Key

Try rebooting and immediately start tapping F2 without waiting for any screen or prompt. You don't disable keys but you can change the default action of the function keys.

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