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I bought a Win10 Pro but cannot insitall it!!!

My laptop is latitude 7300 with a pre-installed Win10 HOME.

Recently i bought a Win 10 Pro from an MS authorized dealer and wants to install in my laptop, I tired two ways:

1. Use the Win10 Pro Key to upgrade from my existing Win10 Home  --> It's not workable as DELL required me to purchase a Digital License from them even i got a Win10 Pro key from other source.

2. I wiped all my disk/partitions and formatted many times to do a "CLEAN" installation  --> It's not workable as DELL Win10 Home OEM key is embedded in BIOS, whatever i re-install, it will auto revert the system to Win10 Home.

I'm confused, why DELL forbidden your customers to buy Win10 higher version from other source and forbidden your users to intall Win10 higher version unless they buy digital license from u??????????????????????

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Re: I bought a Win10 Pro but cannot insitall it!!!

OEM keys are not applicable to Retail keys.

Latitude 7300 comes with OEM windows 10.

Most likely issue is that you paid for a counterfeit key and it was not purchased from microsoft.

You cannot use an OEM key to upgrade a retail key.

Dell does not issue Keys microsoft does.

So if its not working it has to do with secure boot and UEFI GPT vs MBR Legacy CSM.

You can invoke  SLUI 3 from Admin Command Prompt and upgrade home to Pro provided you have the same kind of key.


Click Start, type: cmd

Right click CMD click Run as administrator


At the command prompt, type the following commands:

slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (allows you to replace the current product key with the specified)

xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx - represents your product key

Hit Enter on your keyboard

Exit the command prompt

Restart your computer 

OEM keys cannot upgrade Retail and Retail Keys cannot upgrade OEM.



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Re: I bought a Win10 Pro but cannot insitall it!!!

When you want to upgrade to Pro, you need to get the upgrade version which is very easy to install and cheaper. 

The system is noted online as being a Home install and perhaps it needs to be installed in a way the Online configuration would be changed.


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Re: I bought a Win10 Pro but cannot insitall it!!!

If the key purchased is Retail you will be able to go to Settings → Windows Update → Activation (left hand side menu) → Change Key. This will allow the upgrade from Windows 10 Home OEM to Windows 10 Pro OEM.

If the license purchased is an OEM System Builder key. These are designed only for system builders who want to bundle Windows 10 Pro with new hardware with the intention to sell the PC and Windows License on to an end user. In other words a computer is "not allowed" to have 2 OEM Licenses so the activation mechanism above will reject the OEM Product Key.


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