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Inspiron 15 7000 Windows 10 Update Blue Screen

We recently received a notification to say that our Windows 10 was outdated and we needed to install the update.

The update was completed successfully up until the stage where the computer needed to restart to finish the install. With it plugged in the restart occurred but it resulted in a blue screen and stop code of Reference_By-Pointer. It then went into a cycled of restarting continuously until I clicked the option to turn it off.

I have used SupportAssist to update all recommended drivers and the BIOS but nothing appears to be fixing the problem.

I'm not overly computer savvy so don't want to start uninstalling drivers etc as I'm worried about not doing these properly and causing further issues. The computer is just over 1 year old so am shocked that we're already dealing with these sorts of system crashes. 

I'm currently in SupportAssist again completing the scans when in the troubleshoot tab and the system can't seem to get past 90% complete on the first option; Get Drivers and Downloads.


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Re: Inspiron 15 7000 Windows 10 Update Blue Screen

See if you can roll back the Windows 10 updates.