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Inspiron 15z Windows 10 Update Missing drivers and applications

I upgraded to windows 10 few days ago. Few years ago, I bought this Inspiron 15z touchscreen with windows 8 upgrade. Before I upgraded to windows 10, I did a factory reset and wiped out everything.

Now after the upgrade, some drivers (rapid storage, bluetooth, HD graphics) came back. But I've noticed many are missing.

My touchpad gesture won't work (tap, double scroll) because the smarttouch app (or whatever its called) is not installed. Audio control (with skullcandy speakers) does not exist, which rendered my speaker's volume to low, and I have to watch movie with 100% volume and could still barely hear Matt Damon.... Bluetooth does not work well either. The wifi also disconnects every 10 minutes, and I had to troubleshoot and "reset wifi adapter", and I know its not my router's fault because my other devices are fine on the wifi. 

I did go to the Dell Drivers and Application Update site, and went through the process to upgrade my drivers, but the above issues still exist.

Right now I wonder, where can I search those apps and drivers up and install them? They are not on the Dell Drivers site, I've searched. Not to mention I don't really remember the specific names.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!!

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RE: Inspiron 15z Windows 10 Update Missing drivers and applications

Hello!  So the 15z was never tested by Dell to work with Windows 10, as such there are no drivers or support for it.  I'm going to assume you have the 5523 version and if so, you can download and install the windows 8.1 drivers to see if that works.  If you already have and still have the same issues, you can go into control panel by right clicking on the windows icon (start menu), click control panel, and go to the 'old style' device manager.  Anything with an exclamation on it right click on it and select update driver and see if microsoft has a generic driver.  The biggest problem is if there is any drivers available they will be generic at best and thus have reduced functionality.  You can also go to the device manufactures page and see if they have any drivers.

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