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Inspiron 7359 2-in-1, Windows 10 2004, installed successfully

I successfully updated my Inspiron 7359 2-in-1 to Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 Update), using the manual update.

*Note: Disable enhancements in the sound control panel


More Information:

I was not getting an update notice in Windows settings. The problem with the Inspiron not updating is listed as drivers for the Conexant audio drivers, and the problem is still not resolved. See the Microsoft release information page for information.

Dell has a listing of computers tested for Windows 10 2004 update. My Inspiron 7359 2-in-1 is not on the Dell approved Windows 10 2004 list. The last Windows 10 update approved for my Inspiron 7359 2-in-1 is Windows 10 1803.


Another problem with the Dell Inspiron notebooks using Windows 10 involves the QuickSet program. QuickSet should be uninstalled, using programs uninstall. See this link.

GE2020OCT11 in Nova Scotia

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the October 2020 Update (aka. 20H2 - first released 10/20/2020) also has the same Conexant audio driver issue as the 2004 version:


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