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Installing OEM Win10 in BIOS Mode

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to use an image deployment tool called SmartDeploy to roll out Windows 10 Professional to new Dell PCs. Since Dell's Official OEM Windows 10 Pro install will pick up the Windows License from the BIOS, I want to use the most recent ISO downloaded from Dell's Recovery Tool as a base for the VMWare Image. I am using VMWare Workstation 14.

One of the limitations of the SmartDeploy Image Capture is that it can only capture VMs in BIOS Mode. It does not support UEFI. This is very easy to specify when creating the new VM, but it appears the Dell OEM ISO only installs Windows 10 in UEFI Mode. I absolutely cannot get it to boot using BIOS. When using a Retail ISO of Windows 10 I have no issues at all.

Does anyone know if there is a way to force the Dell recovery media to install in BIOS Mode or somehow enable it afterwards?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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RE: Installing OEM Win10 in BIOS Mode


Please click the link below to contact Dell Pro Support

Contact Technical Support

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