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Latitude E7450 - fingerprint problem after update to W10

Hi guys,

I updated my E7450 from W7 PRO to W10 PRO. After that I have problem with fingerprint reader (I used it on W7 for logon). After update I noticed mising drivers for NFC, and after small research I discovered that driver is together with fingerprint drivers. So i instelled Dell ControlVault Driver from dell site. Version 3.0.00040.30.7.027,A18.

After restart in device manager i had everything ok. So I decided to add my fingerprint thrue windows hello. It was possible to scan my finger without any problems BUT! When I log out from windows and wants to log in with fingerprint it told me that there is any match with my finger in database. I tried record more fingers but still same resoult. I decided to download Dell ControlVault Firmware and restart PC thant again reinstall SW but still the same problem.

So I decided to try install new Intel Chipset Device Software Driver - Version 10.0.20,A01 but same problem. Reader is working but it is nit possible to recognize my fnger when i want log in.

(And small notice: I tried last week W10 build 10240 - like an insider with different HDD on my laptop. I made clear intall and I dont have this problem with recognizing - but I had problem after sleeping mode - EN: Device Control Vault w / Fingerprint Swipe Sensor (WBF location Function) is offline due to an error in the user mode driver. Number of further attempts to restart the Windows device: 5. For more information about this issue, please contact the manufacturer.
Error ID 10111.)

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RE: Latitude E7450 - fingerprint problem after update to W10

any help ?

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