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Lost admin rights in windows 10 after recovery

I had to use dell recovery and everything seem to complete without problems, but when I tried to sign in it told me that my password was incorrect. The pwl file was corrupt. Now without admin rights I am unable to do anything even reinstall windows 10 because I used the win 10 that dell gave. I am unable to download and execute windows 10 without admin rights.

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RE: Lost admin rights in windows 10 after recovery

When you lost admin rights in Windows 10, you can offline create a new admin account using a boot USB drive. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Borrow another Windows computer with administrator access. Download and install the Windows Password Refixer utility on this computer. After installation is complete, launch this utility, and then follow its on-screen instructions to burn this utility into a USB flash drive. Once burning successfully, you will get a boot USB drive.

Step 2: Connect the USB flash drive to your Dell Windows 10 computer on which you lost admin rights, and set the computer to boot from the USB drive.

Step 3: After the Dell computer boots up successfully, you can add a new admin account by the Add User button.

Step 4: After you add a new admin account, disconnect the USB drive and restart the computer, by the Reboot button.

Step 5: After the computer boots up, you will come to the Windows 10 login screen, and you can use the newly added admin account to sign in.