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Mouse cursor always moves to corners.

Recently, my mouse cursor has automatically moved to either the top-right of my screen or bottom left, making it almost impossible to use my laptop. Sometimes it would return back to normal for a couple of minutes before spazzing out again. I've already tried disabling the touchpad and connecting a wireless mouse but the issue still persists. I've also tried to update the driver, restarting my laptop and reinstalling the dell touchpad device.

Laptop model is : Lattitude E4310 running windows 10

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Mary G
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RE: Mouse cursor always moves to corners.

Might be caused by Mouse Settings--check that in Control Panel, Hardware. Drivers could be at fault and there are no Dell win 10 drivers for that model so you have to use MS generic drivers that might not work. Consider reinstalling your original windows version as well as your original drivers.


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Re: Mouse cursor always moves to corners.

Disabling the USB Touchscreen Controller resolved my problem with the mouse pointer/cursor jumping to the top right corner (Control Panel -Device Manager - Mice and other pointing devices - USB Touchscreen Controller). I found that with the USB Touchscreen Controller

enabled, the mouse pointer would flicker erratically whenever the lid was moved back and forth, so there must be a loose connection or exposed wire in the lid’s hinge.


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