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No more Dell support after upgrading my Optiplex 9020 to Windows 10 ???


After much hesitation I finally decided to "upgrade" my system to Windows 10 after much Microsoft nagging.

However, after this upgrade I no longer see anything of the regular Dell services that check my computer for optimal performances. I have another year or so of support but when I tried to log in I did find one service question I got answered some months ago which basically verifies my account and at least the 9020 (I also have an older registered Latitude 6400 desktop) but no way to know how to get back to my original status. In fact I received an email saying "Thanks for creating your Dell account" (in Dutch) which only seems to indicate that something is terribly wrong.

What must I do? Try and reverse my upgrade to Windows 10 and move back to Windows 8.1 ???

I went to the place where I supposedly could download the factory installed software for my optiplex 9020 but somehow I never got beyond the stage of trying to update my password. No matter what I typed in,the screen came back with the same fill-in bit to change one's password. After half a dozen different tries I gave up.

But I do want my link to Dell back, I loved the regular checkups of my system that now seem eliminated by upgrading to Windows 10. Please help??? 

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RE: No more Dell support after upgrading my Optiplex 9020 to Windows 10 ???

Dell support is still available on the Dell Support sites. You could never download windows from Dell since MS owns Windows. Factory installed software was for added programs, not windows and those will be completely out of date for older computers. Microsoft has setup a windows 8.1 download site using the create media tool if you need to return to win 8.1. Go to--


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