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OS upgrade

I have a XPS 9Q33 laptop that came with windows 8. It qualified for a free upgrade to windows 10. I did the upgrade with no problems.

About 6 months ago I let my son use the laptop. He installed the Linux OS on it as that’s what he uses.

I now have the laptop back.

I did reinstall windows 8 with no problems.

My question is, do I still get a free upgrade to windows 10?

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Re: OS upgrade

The free upgrades ended years ago.


You can clean install windows 10 and it will work fine.

If Dell XPS 12-9Q33 does not come with optical drive afaikt so you will need to buy a usb 2.0 optical drive to F12 boot and install with secure boot OFF.


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Re: OS upgrade

As far as I know, most systems that came with Win 8 were secure boot capable..  But I don't know the specs on that system.

Win 10 keeps an online digital key so you can use the Win 10 media, which is downloadable, to do a clean install and just not enter the license key.  It will active fine if that system has already been activated.

Are you wanting to reinstall to factory configuration or just Win 10?

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Re: OS upgrade


Free upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 still available.

Use Media Creation Tool to create bootable USB.


Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 last month on an Acer laptop.

Clean installed Windows 10 on a Lenovo that had Windows 8 DPK but wiped hard drive.



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Re: OS upgrade

Thanks for all the tips, it's appreciated.

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