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Precision M4700 can't upgrade to windows 10 due to video Card?

Hi all, i was tryng to run the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant but it reports i cant proceed due to my "Display not compatible with windows 10" which i believe is the video card.

It's an AMD Radeon Hd7700M series, with drivers version 16.150.2211 released 21/03/2016 which i believe is pretty new

Is this normal? is there any way to proceed with upgrade anyhow?

Atm i have windows 7sp1 PRO

Thanks !

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You may want to look at the link below and follow he information that the user posted.

MS Answers Post

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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. Currently only available in the USA.

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It will probably upgrade except that a MS generic video driver will be installed. You will not have many video features. You then need to start installing Radeon video drivers till you find one that works. I did this with two 10–11 year old laptops and was successful with both. If this is not successful, you can acquire a newer video card or revert to Win 7.i

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Thanks but link doesnt work :)

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i cannot change video card on a laptop, un frotunately, and i cannot revert since im already on windows 7....

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Justy for your info i figured out what the problem was, and i solved.

It had nothing to do with integrated video card, it was caused by another driver installed for our remote support program called LANDESK. Removing it solved the upgrade warning error

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