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Question on 780 mini tower with windows 10 Pro

I bought a refurbished Dell OptiPlex 780 mini tower. It came with windows10 Pro installed . I am not very experienced with windows 10 I just am now a bit familiar . 

The issue is when they installed the windows OS they made their own administrator and I want to make it my own name . It's not a windows log in but a local login . 


 Does anyone know how I would do this. From what I understand go to control panel and you can change the name and I'm not sure if I can make a password . 


 I got this Dell tower refurb because of the funds I have and it works great . My last tower was an Acer M261 running XP Pro and it still works . In 2009 the old monitor died is was not a wide screen so someone set me a video card and I installed it and the drivers . The Dell has it's own built in video on the mother board and didn't offer my 1366 x 768 that is the only one my Dell IN1910N flat screen supports yet through my trying some how windows 10 Pro found a driver that works it's a forced PNP . I could probably use the video card from the Acer and then find the driver for windows 10 which is probably different than XP , not sure. Yet the windows driver seems to work well . 

I used to be on this forum yet this year changed IP so my old email no longer works to log in.  

 my name is William I hope someone can help .

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Re: Question on 780 mini tower with windows 10 Pro

  1. From the Desktop Go to the search bar and type "Control Panel"
  2. From there click on "User accounts" (you might need to click on "User accounts" again depending on the layout)
  3.  Click on "Change your account name"
  4. Type a new name
  5. Click "Change Name"
  6. Done


I do not work for dell. I am also a user.

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Re: Question on 780 mini tower with windows 10 Pro

 Thank you . I saw the screen in the control panel you spoke of . I'm still lost when it comes to windows 10 , it will take some time since it's so different from XP . I will try what you suggested .

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